I take issue with the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial “Misogyny alive and well in the commonwealth,” published Aug. 3 in LNP. Kathleen Kane has no reason to be bitter. The prosecution of Kane had nothing to do with an “old boys’ network,” pornography or the #MeToo movement. Kane disgraced herself and brought dishonor upon her office by misusing the power of law enforcement and criminal prosecution to settle personal and political scores.

As a corrupt government official, Kane was a great threat to the integrity of our democracy. As a corrupt law enforcement official, Kane cast a shadow on law enforcement and criminal prosecution that prosecutors, court officials and law enforcement officers will have to live down every day.

And who knows what crimes she was ignoring while she wasted the resources of the Office of Attorney General trying to prove, unsuccessfully, that her predecessor had “slow-walked” the Jerry Sandusky investigation? Why did the Pennsylvania Turnpike corruption case result in such gentle dispositions?

We will never know the full pernicious effect of Kane’s tenure as attorney general. We do know that Kane’s crimes were extremely serious offenses against the law-abiding and honest people of this commonwealth, and her crimes have nothing to do with an “old boys’ network,” pornography or the #MeToo movement.

If there is any bitterness, it should be held by the citizens of this commonwealth, who allowed Kane to misuse our resources in her criminal perversion of our justice system.

James M. Reeder

Manheim Township