Letters to the editor

Here we go again. A variant of COVID-19, omicron, is now surging within the borders of the United States. And it’s no wonder! Many parents, members of Congress and people with zero patience are jumping up and down, protesting daily.

Don’t shut down the schools, restaurants or malls and don’t restrict our freedom, they say. They don’t want to wear masks or follow social distancing. They say it’s their constitutional right to choose not to be vaccinated or not to wear a mask.

Well, what about my constitutional right to live without contracting the virus from you? You are putting loved ones and others in harm’s way of the virus. And now — because of those ignorant, inconsiderate people — variants of COVID-19 may continue to evolve until everyone is either vaccinated or dead.

Until everyone is vaccinated, this virus will likely continue to mutate, and it might grow worse with each variant.

If we would have followed the science, it’s possible we might have stopped COVID-19 from mutating. Is wearing a mask most of the time or getting vaccinated really worse than dying?

People, listen to the scientists, the doctors and those who actually know something about viruses and how and why they change and mutate!

Don’t turn to friends (who typically know little about medicine or science) or social media for the answers. Social media are worthless and have proven deadly.

C. L. Conover

Lancaster County

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