To President Donald Trump:

Do you think for a minute the protesters in Iran decrying the mendacity of their leaders concerning the downed airliner would welcome any suggestion that you are in solidarity with them?

Your tweet expressing support for the proud protesters would be an embarrassment to their movement. When protesting against their deceitful leaders and authoritarian rule, they certainly do not want to be aligned with the most untrustworthy president to occupy the White House.

Those protesters, Mr. President, do nothing to absolve you for your foolish, reckless actions that brought us to the brink of war. They are not your friends. If they were in the U.S. today, they would be at your front door with the same lament and protesting against the same type of corrupt leadership.

Don’t embarrass us any further by issuing sophomoric, inane tweets attempting to invoke an impression of alliance between you and these truth-seeking protesters. I know you desperately need friends, but these good folks are not on your side. They are protesting against leadership that lies — not encouraging it! They are on our side.

Melvin Hess

Windsor Township

York County