Letters to the editor

If, as some insist, socialism is threatening the country, then I would argue the following:

— Refuse to accept Social Security payments. They are socialistic.

— Refuse to accept Medicare. It is a socialist program.

— If you have relatives struggling to survive in a nursing home facility, refuse to accept Medicaid. It is a social service.

— Denounce tax exemptions to the wealthy elite. It is a socialistic program they don’t require.

— End lobbying, which uses funds to gain favoritism for corporations and private organizations. It is a form of socialism.

Carefully examine the effects of capitalism. Corporations determine hiring and firing. They control wages. They determine benefits. They set prices on production goods. They influence banks and politicians. Capitalists virtually determine the operation of the country, leaving the middle class largely powerless.

In an era of low wages, expensive goods, the high cost of medical coverage, the rising cost of education, many middle-class Americans would become destitute were it not for the assistance provided by socialist programs.

Consider an America with a middle class reduced to poverty. Who pays for that?

Capitalism is an essential part of American democracy. Entrepreneurs and opportunity are required. But only if it is available to all. The middle-class workers made this country. They are the production workers who made American industry successful and protected our freedom.

But they do not all have access to the opportunities and connections of the more fortunate. In the struggle to survive, they often need government assistance. They need “democratic socialism” if democracy is to successfully continue.

William Overly

Manheim Township

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