By now it should be clear that the health care industry — hospitals, doctors, drug companies and insurance companies — is primarily a money-making proposition. Moreover, this industry has enormous influence on politics through its support of politicians at all levels.

The only viable remedy is to expand Medicare to cover everyone from birth to death. The industry’s profits are threatened by this proposal, and so it retaliates by broadcasting propaganda and misinformation about the cost (which is already horrendous by any standard) and loss of freedom of choice (which we don’t have now).

“Medicare for All” can be funded similarly to Social Security. Families and employers will not have to pay exorbitant premiums for less than adequate coverage. But no one is preventing anyone from buying private insurance, if they can afford it. Under Medicare, the health care industry remains independent.

“Medicare for All” removes one of the primary causes of subconscious anxiety afflicting us in this country. Of course, the best way to control health care costs is staying well by taking responsibility for our own health. We needed this change yesterday, so let’s go.

Charles B. Lane

Lancaster Township