The Aug. 6 letter written by former Lancaster city Mayor Art Morris (“Legislators should hold real town halls”) concerning state Rep. Bryan Cutler’s July 26 op-ed (“Communications staffers work to inform public”) is very disappointing.

To suggest Cutler is “delusional” if he believes his op-ed piece is unfair. I know Bryan, and he is a man of discipline and integrity. I’ve known past generations of the Cutler family and they have all been people of integrity. The Cutler family settled in southern Lancaster County centuries ago as honest, devout, hardworking Quakers and that heritage flourishes today.

The state Legislature’s communications department and its work are simply a sign of the times reflecting how today’s society chooses to get the news. Cutler’s op-ed explained this very well, noting that it reflects only 0.03% of the entire state budget. Many nonprofits and businesses are using similar methods of communications.

John Barley

Former state representative 100th District