A recent letter to the editor described President Donald Trump as a born-again Christian (“Biden, not Trump, should fear God,” July 24). While God loves each of us, including the president, if Christ physically returned to Earth today, I believe that he would not espouse the values shown by the president and the current administration.

Christ would grieve the separation of families at the border and certainly would oppose the current treatment of refugees who have come to our country seeking asylum. Christ would be among the peaceful protesters asking for social equality and justice for people of color, for LGBTQ members and for people unable to earn a living wage. Perhaps, Christ would have been one of the protesters who was tear-gassed so the president could have his photo opportunity at St. John’s Church.

Christ would champion the protection of our natural resources and work toward restoring the environmental protections that have been gutted by this administration. Christ would not condone the persecution of whistleblowers who are speaking out about potential injustices and illegal activities performed by the current administration. Nor would he approve of malicious prosecution against one’s political enemies.

Christ spoke out against the unequal balance of power during his time on Earth and would repeat that message to us today. Unlike Trump, he would seek to unite us, would speak up for those without a voice and would seek peace and justice for everyone. No one truly knows the heart of another, but in my view, Trump’s actions do not appear Christ-like.

Catherine Kenlin