Since our elected officials are having such a problem coming up with a stimulus plan that will actually help the citizens who really need it (locally owned small businesses, restaurants and gyms/spas, to name a few) here is a thought.

There are many Americans with uninterrupted work incomes and those who are retired and receiving pensions, investment and trust incomes, or funds from other sources, along with Social Security. Let’s be honest. How many people with uninterrupted incomes really need these checks? And will these checks stimulate them to spend more than they already have been spending? Amazon, big-box stores and most online outlets have been reaching new highs in sales.

Wouldn’t it be the American way to get our stimulus money (when we get it) into the hands of those who really need it to stay in business and provide so many of the everyday services on which we depend?

Maybe LNP | LancasterOnline could develop a way for this to be done for our local businesses. It seemingly has the ability to do so. This might even bring national attention to LNP | LancasterOnline and help small businesses nationwide to survive.

Dan and Gail Nauman


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