For President Donald Trump’s Republican supporters — including Congressman Lloyd Smucker and Sen. Pat Toomey — the question is: How much criminality are you willing to tolerate from this president?

The evidence is now undeniable that President Trump extorted the president of Ukraine by withholding essential military aid unless that nation’s chief executive agreed to manufacture dirt on a potential opponent of Trump’s in the 2020 election.

There’s no argument over whether this occurred. It’s all right there in the rough transcript of the July conversation between the two presidents that was released by the Trump White House. Plus, Trump himself has publicly admitted it. All of which, by the way, fully corroborates the whistleblower complaint to the inspector general for the intelligence community.

This, of course, is merely the latest in a long string of well-documented illegal and/or unconstitutional actions by Trump, including various instances of abuse of power, witness tampering, self-dealing, endangering national security and obstruction of justice.

Which brings us back to the same question, Trump followers: What can he do that you will not excuse away or ignore? Can he start arresting members of Congress, as he has already threatened? Can he have that unknown whistleblower executed, as he intimated should be done? Can he order a nuclear attack on some random country that annoys him? Can he rob a bank on Pennsylvania Avenue?

If you’re a Republican reading this, you need to search your conscience and decide whether you truly believe Trump is above the law. Because he sure seems to think he is.

Ward Latshaw

East Hempfield Township