Letters to the editor

I did not have mixed feelings about Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health requiring employees to get vaccinated by Sept. 1 in order to work at their facilities (“Workers want choice,” May 9 LNP | LancasterOnline).

If an employee does not choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine, then I assume that when I enter the health care facility I have the right to request assistance from only those employees who have received the vaccine.

Exposing myself to an unvaccinated person while undergoing surgery doesn’t seem fair to me. This has gone beyond the ridiculous. Unvaccinated persons can spread a variant of the original COVID-19, putting all of us at some potential risk of illness.

There is a risk whether or not you get the vaccine, but the risk of getting the virus and getting sick yourself or passing it to someone who has a lowered immune response is higher than any reported side effects of the vaccine.

Just get the vaccine so we can put this virus to rest. With so many people claiming they won’t get vaccinated, I dread this coming winter. We could all be wearing masks again.

Jeannine May


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