The upcoming Joe Biden presidency affords opportunities for future U.S. relations with the world to be based on diplomacy, cooperation and respect that I hope include the following:

— Stop military spending and invest in what really keeps us safe: universal health care, a healthful climate, economic equalities, racial justice, education and adequate housing.

— End wars and reengage diplomacy. Close the nearly 800 U.S. military bases abroad. Stop supporting the Saudi Arabia-led war in Yemen. Rejoin the Iran nuclear deal and remove U.S. sanctions against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and other countries.

— Promote cooperation, not another Cold War. If China and Russia were our enemies, they would have taken advantage of us while we’re focused on the coronavirus and elections.

— Stop providing $3.8 billion dollars a year for Israel to maintain a system I view as apartheid.

— End weapon sales and stop delivering weapons to countries such as Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines that violate human rights.

— Work for a nuclear-free world by accepting U.S. obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty and by joining the United Nations’ Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

— Refrain from nominating any corporate lobbyists for positions within the new administration; deny Cabinet positions to former CEOs or lobbyists from weapons companies; and reject policy recommendations from think tanks funded by weapons manufacturers.

— Stop hostilities with migrants and refugees and end racist U.S. policing.

The world desperately needs a peace economy based on giving and sharing that respects humanity and the planet.

Harold A. Penner