President Donald Trump is going to get away with it again. No matter how strong the evidence against him, Republican senators seemingly won’t indict him.

So why, many ask, should the Democrats hold impeachment hearings and proceed with the impeachment process? Isn’t it a waste of time; doesn’t it further divide our country, etc.?

I suspect few, if any, Republican legislators will vote to impeach or convict Trump of the high crimes he has committed. In this regard, Trump will once again get away with illegal, unethical and immoral actions that have hurt our nation and our allies around the world.

However, we the people ultimately get to decide if we hold our elected representatives responsible for their misbehavior. If Republican legislators let Trump get away with another breech of his oath of office, not only can we vote Trump out of office next November — we can vote out those representatives who enable and condone his conduct.

The impeachment inquiry provided the indisputable evidence of Trump’s corruption. It also will identify those representatives who put Trump’s interests and their own political interests above our nation’s interests. This is the information Americans need to decide who gets away with what.

Kenneth M. Ralph

East Hempfield Township