My corporate position was recently eliminated. By month’s end, I will no longer have health insurance. I’m unmarried, which means no spousal coverage. As many have discovered, coverage through the COBRA health insurance program is financially out of reach.

I wasn’t born a white-collar information worker with privileged connections. Starting from less than modest means, I put myself through college, proving my worth over and over as a highly skilled, hardworking professional. I invested in a home, paid taxes and volunteered. In the blink of an eye, I am now jobless and possibly without coverage during a pandemic.

Our president threatens to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Maybe that’s just typical bluster. But for me, it’s a real, looming threat. The ACA is far from perfect. But the perfect is the enemy of the good.

America must do better. Citizens of this wealthy land shouldn’t have to worry about financial ruin because of a trip to the intensive care unit. We can do two things at once: prosper economically as a nation and protect those in need. We’ve done it before.

With nearly 149,000 Americans dead in four months and millions jobless, access to affordable health insurance has become the most critical issue of our time.

When you vote this November, I’m urging you to think about the health and welfare of your families, friends and neighbors. All of them. Vote for candidates who fight to ensure affordable health care for every American.

Michele Loeper

Manheim Township