I can’t even imagine the heartbreak of the victims of those who lost family members in the shootings. So sad. Twenty-two persons died in El Paso and nine dead in Dayton. Where has our society gone wrong?

Sixty years ago, I took a Dale Carnegie course, and one thing I remembered was problem-solving.

1. Define the problem.

2 What are the solutions to the problem?

3. Pick the best possible solution and execute on it.

Problem: There is hatred in the hearts of those who commit crimes of this nature. Among the causes is the family breakdown. Fathers are not loving their children. There is not a stable home life. Much of this hatred is caught, not taught. Much of this hatred comes from our news commentators. Also, our representatives in Congress are inciting hatred by calling each other names we should not use.

Example: the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The hearings were appalling. Why can’t we disagree without being disagreeable? What can we do to contribute to help solve the problem?

Love your neighbor as yourself. Make it a point to befriend a new person weekly. Report bullying to the proper authorities. If you see someone who needs mental help, report it to the proper authorities.

Some opportunities only come once in our lifetime.

Jacob Dagen

Manheim Township