After more 2 1/2 months of lecturing ad nauseam to the citizens of Pennsylvania about the need for social distancing and avoiding crowds of people, Gov. Tom Wolf marched elbow to elbow with several hundred Black Lives Matter protesters on June 3. What a hypocrite. Wolf’s actions speak louder than his words regarding public health: “Do as I say, not as I do.” 

Travel restrictions were imposed, businesses were closed and family-oriented holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day were held in isolation, away from loved ones. Governor, you control the bully pulpit in Pennsylvania. If you have an important social message to convey, stand in the television studio and broadcast your points via the camera. Part of your duty is to set the example, not to violate it.

The governor shut down the state’s economy based on these social distancing requirements, turning dreams into nightmares and nightmares into reality for many businesses. Shattered livelihoods and bankruptcies have resulted.

In addition, preventive cancer screenings like mammograms were deemed nonessential — but beer distributors remained open. Where is the logic or public health concern in those types of mandates? Wolf prioritized alcohol before cancer prevention.

Finally, Wolf directed that patients recovering from COVID-19 be housed with nursing home residents. These residents held the highest risk for infection from COVID-19 and the highest mortality rate in Lancaster County. At one count, 273 of the 307 COVID-19 deaths here were nursing home residents — 88.9%. Wolf’s bad decision likely contributed to this nightmare.

Bob Bodnar

West Lampeter Township