I was recently told to leave a business that I have gone to for many years, even though I told them about the exception in Gov. Tom Wolf’s mask-wearing mandate. They told me to get out if I didn’t have a face mask or shield. So I left.

I cannot wear a mask or shield due to a medical condition. Should I file a lawsuit for discrimination? The response of the business was that it would be punished if it did not comply with the mandate. In other words, they let themselves be controlled.

One man should not have the power to determine how we live our lives. If so, he would be called a king or dictator. I believe Wolf is using fearmongering and intimidation to try to control the population. Soon he might try to control every aspect of our lives. How are we allowing this to happen? More importantly, who is allowing this and how can Wolf’s actions be stopped?

Kenneth Miller

Lancaster Township