As I sit here watching our governor react to some of Pennsylvania’s counties defying his order to stay closed, I can’t help but get angrier and angrier. He calls the elected officials from those counties cowards, but he himself is a shining example of cowardice.

Let me give you some examples. While being asked about the rationale as to which counties should remain closed and which shouldn’t, he simply blames the virus rather than answering the question.

Another question was asked about the waiver process and the reasons why a company may or may not have been given a waiver. And, again, rather than answering the question, it was essentially, “Let’s just blame the virus.”

Keep in mind these are all questions that were written down and submitted to the governor. There are no journalists in the room to ask follow-up questions or to press the governor on any of his answers.

I believe Gov. Wolf is a coward, pure and simple. I don’t always agree with President Donald Trump, but at least he has the nerve to face the news media — and a biased news media to boot.

Don Carson

East Earl Township