It was an interesting juxtaposition at the Ephrata Fair parade to have the Libertarian Party followed by state Rep. David H. Zimmerman. 

The Libertarians pointed out that the constant head-butting of the two major parties is destroying our country, and they are right.

Zimmerman was found guilty of egregious ethics violations, fined $14,000 by the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission and, almost a year later, still holds his seat in the state Legislature with no censure by Republican leaders. Why? Because local Republicans will not weed out corruption within their own — even in a district that is overwhelmingly Republican and where they have no risk of losing that seat.

The ability to ignore severe ethics violations is a disturbing trend seen nationwide. It compromises our leadership and leaves voters with the conclusion that our leaders, in this case Republicans, lack ethics. Can a lack of morals be far behind?

Lisa R. Garrett

East Earl Township