Lancaster County GOP Chairman Kirk Radanovic’s July 9 op-ed (“Why we can’t trust Biden on health care”) is, in my opinion, the completely delusional ranting of a partisan hack. 

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 27 million people have lost their health care coverage due to job losses. But, incredibly, the Trump administration is going through the courts to try to take health care away from millions more, plus force as many as 133 million with preexisting conditions to either face dramatically increased premiums or go without coverage altogether.

And we are learning that some COVID-19 survivors will face permanent health problems — further increasing the ranks of those with preexisting conditions.

The Republicans in Congress have tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act 70 times, each time promising something better. But in 10 years, they’ve seemingly come up with nothing. A decade’s worth of political posturing and nothing whatsoever of substance. President Donald Trump has had nearly four years now to come up with a replacement — and yet nothing.

I believe that the reason for all failed talk about “something better” is because the ACA is the most conservative health care program that will guarantee coverage of preexisting conditions.

We have two choices. Either the ACA (or something very similar), or a single-payer system like “Medicare for All.”

Joe Biden wants to expand and improve the ACA, create a public option and lower the age of Medicare eligibility to 60. The bottom line is this: Democrats want to expand access to health care. Republicans seemingly want to restrict access to health care.

Steve Jones