Kudos to proactive Gov. Phil Murphy for the ban on ocean drilling to protect New Jersey against the dangers of oil, gas and pipelines. Prevention of contamination of the environment is encouraging. Gov. Tom Wolf should pay attention to the experts and ban the fracking that is destroying our state. The water and air are so contaminated. Clean drinking water is under attack by bentonite leaching into wells, creeks and aquifers with pipeline installation. Methane from new and old wells is spewing into the atmosphere to contribute to rising temperatures.

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, along with many other health issues, are increasing. An extreme worry from the Mariner East II natural gas liquids pipeline is leaking gas you can’t smell, or living in a blast zone with a large suburban population. As we’ve just celebrated Earth Day, we know the Earth is losing a battle with man. We must wise up and think of future generations before it is too late.

JoAnn Williams


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