I must respond to the Aug. 30 letter “Supporters are culpable, too.” I note how the letter writer doesn’t like the groups she listed to be disparaged but then disparages the supporters of President Donald Trump and Christians, but that’s OK, right? First off, if you are going to write your ridiculous opinions and call them truths, at least back them up with some facts. Whose disciples are attacking innocent people? The letter writer must be thinking of the hooded cowards of antifa attacking defenseless people because those people think differently than they do. That sounds like a new version of the Ku Klux Klan to me, but that’s OK, right? I guess the writer doesn’t know these folks are lemmings of the left.

People who support our president know the difference between legal and illegal immigration so this writer simply bunching them all together as “immigrants” is laughable. Is it OK with the writer that immigrants here illegally are committing crimes against citizens? Calling we Christians who support the president hypocritical is truly fascinating. I wonder what the writer calls Christians and non-Christians who support the murdering of more than 60 million babies? I call these people murderers myself, but as long as it’s under the guise of a woman’s right to murder their own child, it’s OK, right? I’m sorry, the writer’s ilk like to call babies “zygotes” so they don’t think about it too much. Please stop trying to fix the completely broken wheel of socialism and the left. Maybe you don’t realize you are the left’s enemy, too.

Randy Herr

Ephrata Township