I am a Democrat but do not subscribe to most of what U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s totally out-of-touch minions posit as a real path forward for America.

Defund the police? What?

Eliminate fossil fuels in our lifetimes? What?

Socialism? What?

You can take every internal combustion engine off our roads and have everyone driving a battery-powered car. But what about the thousands of commercial aircraft transporting people and goods? What about the thousands of merchant vessels carrying out seaborne trade? What fuel source will power them?

Yes, we do need to move toward clean and renewable fuels and we will, but it is going to take a long time. We have lots of other issues to deal with as well: anti-education, anti-science and anti-intellectualism, to name just three.

The Democrats I refer to just do not seem to understand or accept that their crazy ideas are a prime reason why the Republicans made gains down the ticket in the election. I want to believe that America still essentially has a center-right electorate, and that there still exists a “mainstream.”

While I might be wrong about all I’ve said, I will close with the statement that far-left politics will not afford us a safe, prosperous, secure and happy future. Nor will it result in a majority-Democratic body politic.

John Snavely


Lebanon County