Letters to the editor

Groups such as FreePA and Moms for Liberty, both of which I view as extremist, have a local presence in Lancaster County, and I call on all level-headed citizens to reject these groups and their latest target: public education.

These radical organizations have been doing everything they can lately to make the jobs of overworked and underpaid teachers more difficult. In Elizabethtown they are trying to defund education and in Warwick they have won the right to review entire curriculums before a teacher can teach anything in a classroom.

Enough is enough! We need to stand up against these bullies, whose seeming end goal has become obvious — to destroy public education as we know it.

These groups shout “our children, our choice” while trying to force their twisted values on everyone. They say “we don’t co-parent with the government” while sending their children to public school and see no irony in that. I believe that it’s time for these people to home-school their kids or send them to private school and leave the rest of us sane people alone.

We must become active in countering these groups by showing up to school board meetings and showing support for teachers and public education. We can no longer allow the radical far-right agendas of these organizations to drive what happens in our kids’ classrooms. Do your part to save public education while we still have it. Our country’s future depends on it.

James Senft


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