Dear anxious voter: The horizon is brightening with the glow of a reformed democracy, which at dawn on Election Day will immediately cast its rays to remove a viral infection in the White House. 

Many of us are hoping for a cloudless day. A massive turnout of responsible voters can almost ensure such a forecast.

Selecting the key issues in this presidential election can be achieved only by employing carefully developed algorithms, as the list of issues is forever growing with every day President Donald Trump continues in office.

But clearly there is one obvious overriding issue: It is simply morality. As we look back over the last four years of what I view as Trump’s reckless, childish behavior as president and his constant attention to divisional politics to suit his ego, can we find anything good — anything that attempted to achieve a constructive bipartisanship serving all of us?

Much can be said otherwise, but this election is about character and replacing the near-nefarious Trump with just a good person.

On a side note, how has Congressman Lloyd Smucker reconciled his faith with the actions from the White House? Have he and his family agreed to some sort of compromised religion to remain in the Republican Party’s lap?

Vote Democratic on Nov. 3, or earlier!

Carl B. Bear

East Hempfield Township