The overwhelming majority of Americans believe the mainstream media is biased, and your July 18 article about transgender rights and the Elanco School District (“District’s legal firm criticized as biased”) is a perfect example.

Your reporter noted that the school board voted 5-1 to return to the traditional policy of restroom and locker room use by stating that it “would force separation by biological sex in bathrooms and locker rooms.”

That policy has been in effect since public schools began, but your reporter apparently thought he would put a negative spin on it by using the word “force.” Yet he never described the current policy as “forcing” students to share restrooms and locker rooms with transgender students, a gross violation of their privacy rights.

The promoters of this policy always couch it in terms of tolerance and nondiscrimination, but in fact they’re the ones who are intolerant of those who want to protect their own personal privacy.

The premise that a tiny number of transgender students should be allowed to forcibly impose themselves on everyone else is simply wrong, particularly in a locker room. The stated concerns of transgender students regarding safety could be easily accommodated by unisex restrooms, but instead of compromising, they insist on an all-or-nothing policy.

It’s quite ironic that the LGBT movement, which was about live and let live when it first emerged, is now more about “my way or the highway.” So much for tolerance and diversity.

David Lampo

Rapho Township