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I am writing in response to the column “As world population booms, we must better address aging” on the Generation Z(eal) page in the March 12 Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline.

The writer calls out the crisis of the aging population: “In purely economic terms, retired people consume more than they contribute. They have little to no potential to add to the economy, unlike babies and children — who are pure potential, economic and otherwise.”

Thank you for that vote of confidence for the older generation. In economic terms, older people continue to pay taxes to pay for the writer’s schooling. Oh, and for the books the writer uses, the pencils and paper, the laptops and electronic devices.

What if these “older” folks, with their lack of potential to add to the economy, were forgiven their school taxes by the government, and only moms and dads had the burden of paying for the writer’s education?

The columnist seemingly believes that “we older people” have no potential to add to the economy. The aging population must have economic potential, or there would not be a plethora of retirement communities in and around Lancaster County!

Imagine the economic consequences if these retired people who “consume more than they contribute” were to disappear from Lancaster County! How many millions of dollars do these aging people contribute (with their retired wealth) to businesses, schools and governments?

I hope that the writer lives a long and healthy life, so that he too may someday have “little to no potential to add to the economy.”

Kathy Armold

East Hempfield Township

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