Regarding the Nov. 7 letter “Some facts on climate change”: 

Yes, the scientific facts are indisputable: Humans are causing our present period of climate change. But there’s another fact that is also indisputable: We have a solution to this existential threat that won’t have to cost us anything. Quite the contrary: It will create the biggest economic boom we’ve ever seen.

Clean energy is now cheaper than any fossil fuel: “Renewable energy is now the cheapest option — even without subsidies” ( Solar and wind are now more than competitive; they are the clear winner in the marketplace, and the faster they scale up the cheaper they get. This means they will be virtually free by 2030, if we scale them up nationally (Financial Times).

Clean energy is projected to create 10 million jobs in the U.S. with the Green New Deal, far more than the fossil fuel industry now employs. And those jobs will be local and permanent high-wage positions with good benefits. These are the kinds of jobs that we’ve been losing for decades, and they can’t be outsourced.

We have only a decade left to put the brakes on the ever-increasing costs of climate disasters that threaten to destroy our economy in decades to come. We can get to a clean-energy economy faster by ending the tens of billions in subsidies taxpayers give to polluting, trillion-dollar fossil fuel corporations every year. Are our U.S. Sens. Bob Casey and Pat Toomey and our Congressman Lloyd Smucker in favor of that?

Lynn Goldfarb

Manheim Township