Letters to the editor

Earth Day 2021 has just passed, and we can forget about Mother Earth until April 2022.

But wait! Mother’s Day is today! All mothers should be loved and cherished every day of the year — and this includes our Mother Earth.

In addition to our mothers, maternal and Earth, our love should include everyone — dads, children, health care providers, teachers, secretaries, bosses and even our enemies.

Regarding Earth Day and Mother Earth, there is much we can do to demonstrate our love, like recycling, reducing our carbon footprints and living sustainably.

The other day I walked through a shopping area parking lot and was horrified by the number of cigarette butts. Smokers: Earth is not an ashtray! Next, there was an abundance of plastic products. For the viability of future life, this must stop. Plastic is run over by vehicles, ground down and then flows into our waterways, where it harms the inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Many Scouts and members of other groups have picked up trash along roadways. If we love our Mother Earth, we need to dispose of trash correctly, recycle responsibly and clean up after ourselves and others. Get plastics (and cigarette butts) off our streets and yards and get them into proper recycling or trash receptacles. Love your mother, always.

Tim Kauffman

Manheim Township

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