While the writer of the Oct. 1 letter “Are Democrats un-American?” is a personal friend of mine, I take exception to his presumptions. My late dad and mother, late grandmother and grandfather and my wife were, and are, Democrats. It pains me that some Republicans wish to stereotype all of the opposition party. To suggest that they may be communists reeks of McCarthyism, and I truly hope that part of history is never repeated.

I registered as a Republican and disappointed my parents. But to my knowledge they never voted a straight ticket, nor did they encourage me to do the same.

Dad was a longtime township zoning officer in a predominately Republican township. Differing party members can exist for the good of the people.

Let me assure the letter writer that many Democrats do not want to force you to give up your Second Amendment rights regarding gun ownership. But they — along with many Republicans — want laws that keep military-style weaponry out of the hands of ordinary citizens. Criminals do take things that do not belong to them, and if they’re not in your possession, the opportunity is minimized.

I can assure the letter writer that should the government ever wish to take your hunting and shooting sports weaponry from you, there will be Democrats and Republicans standing together and opposing this mandate. Guaranteed.

Bud Hart

East Drumore Township