The untimely death of young people is always unfortunate, but when that person poses a deadly threat to others, as I believe Ricardo Muñoz did, then reacting with deadly force is unavoidable.

In my view, the attempt by Muñoz’s family to blame the police is shameful, especially in light of Muñoz’s alleged history of violence. He was not on his medication at the time of the incident, according to the family. Was that the fault of the police?

“He was just incoherent and acting out,” Muñoz’s sister, Rulennis Muñoz, told LNP | LancasterOnline. “It’s not a crime to be sick.”

No, it’s not. But lunging at an officer with a knife is a crime, and I believe the officer had no choice but to react the way he did. Shame on those who say the officer had no right to defend himself.

David Lampo

Rapho Township