I watch the hearts of America being tested weekly as we watch what are essentially public lynchings and beatings of Black people. It is heart-wrenching. The deafening silence of the scales of justice have been put on hold for Black people. 

The daily barrage of horrific videos is awakening the trauma of slavery upon Black people in a new way. This way exposes the people around you and their hearts as they justify the deaths of these human beings. It is very disturbing. What is more disturbing is that the moral foundation of the community is mostly sitting in silence — hiding their dark, hateful hearts.

As evidenced by the increasing natural disasters, increasing political divide, increasing disease and increasing pain, this world is seemingly being judged and failing miserably. Some would say “karmic debt” is being paid. Either way, the desire to be a Democrat or Republican appears to override the desire to protect human life of all colors, creeds and religions.

Some say that we should tell people to stop rioting and looting, but they totally ignore the thousands of peaceful protests. The tests of their hearts are failing right along with the looters. United we stand, divided we fall.

With that said, I say it was nice to grow up before this division. Our country failed the simple test of “loving thy neighbor.” I wonder who the next superpower will be, because without unity, we are divided — and you know what that means.

Angela Stevens-Kaylor

Mount Joy