Every day our country, in my view, is looking more frighteningly like an autocracy — a system governed by one person with absolute power. The guardrails of the rule of law seem flimsy at best when convicted criminals are pardoned or have their sentences commuted because of their connections to the president. 

We hear daily of the corruption of this White House administration, whose incompetence has seemingly led to tens of thousands of preventable COVID-19 deaths, with more to come.

Now federal law enforcement agents are storming into Portland, Oregon, beating, tear-gassing and detaining protesters who are exercising their constitutional rights. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, the former head of Homeland Security, referred to this as the president’s “personal militia” and called it an uninvited intervention into cities.

This is not about Republicans vs. Democrats. This is about democracy vs. autocracy. Vote for democracy on Nov. 3!

Cathy Walker

Lancaster Township