As a former Manheim Township commissioner, I was dismayed to hear that the current board of commissioners has decided to change the township manager, seemingly for political reasons. Having worked directly with Sean Molchany over the past eight years, I found him to be an experienced and effective manager who made sure the township functioned smoothly.

Molchany has served the township for 26 years. And, amazingly, a board with two new commissioners has decided that it doesn’t need that experience on its team. Why? Per its own statement, to “help pursue the Board’s legislative and policy agenda.”

We will have to wait and see what that agenda is, but a few items are already evident. They include possibly defunding the police force, as evidenced by the new advisory committee being selected. And taking away property rights and changing the township, as evidenced by recent action to pack the planning commission. And budget and tax seasons are coming.

I encourage all Manheim Township residents to watch closely.

Dave Heck

Former Manheim Township commissioner