My disappointment in Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline’s Sept. 27 article with the headline “Unless there’s a Biden blowout, Pennsylvania should prepare for unrest” cannot be contained to your 250-word limit, but I will try.

I believe your article is fearmongering and represents an effort to scare people into voting for Joe Biden.

This “news” article was, in my view, nothing more than an opinion piece and a call to vote for Biden by a left-leaning newspaper.

You cited a Transition Integrity Project report as your primary source of this nonsense. If you’d bothered to do journalism, you could have found and mentioned that the report’s author and backers are hard-left organizers seemingly out to defeat Trump. You cited Nils Gilman, a liberal University of California, Berkeley, guy who works for the Berggruen Institute, which published the paper. Gilman doesn’t even have the class to refer to the president by name in most of his tweets.

Vox journalist Zach Beauchamp wrote about the same biased Berggruen Institute report and tweeted this: “The Republican Party is one of the most anti-democratic political parties in the developed world.” That is one of his nicer tweets.

In your so-called news article, you bought into the Berggruen Institute claim that a bipartisan group of more than 100 people worked out the election scenarios. But neither LNP | LancasterOnline nor the Berggruen Institute report identify who they are.

It appears that LNP | LancasterOnline failed to do its homework and failed to provide balanced journalism. It essentially just gave away a free front-page advertisement to Joe Biden.

Brian Youngerman

Mount Joy