Thank you, Manheim Township commissioners, for allowing the all-powerful dollar to trump all other concerns. Initially, I was afraid you would consider the simple charms of the sleepy little village of Oregon. The residents can just wake up and take a deep breath of increased air pollution. The Amish have quietly lived and farmed here since the early 1700s. That’s long enough for any neighbor. They can pack those buggies and sell their farms to the next developer. Better that every patch of productive farmland is developed, as we never seem to have sufficient fast-food joints, banks and overgrown ugly red convenience stores.

Who cares if Reflections restaurant is negatively impacted by altered traffic patterns? I’m looking forward to the exciting challenges associated with the increased traffic congestion that will accompany 554 housing units, a hotel, shops and more!

I understand there are pending legal challenges to halt or greatly reduce this ill-conceived project. May they be successful.

Jeffrey Allen

West Lampeter Township