The Democratic Party, which is the socialist party, is crazy. Everything that they accuse President Donald Trump of doing is exactly what they themselves are doing. They promote hate speech against any person who doesn’t agree with their way of thinking. Telling people to get in your face because of what you say or wear — these are some sick and demented people.

Their plan to divide the country will not work. The people of this great country are smart enough to see their socialist plan. It’s called divide the masses and turn them against each other. Their people are truly mean and do not care who they hurt in the process.

When I look and listen to the ones running to be president, it is truly scary to think that they have enough smarts to run this country. Think about it. Scary.

I can see why some younger people favor socialism; it’s mainly because of the progressive education system — it’s a mess. Some kids coming out of school can’t write their name or pass math at grade level and, most of all, they don’t know the history of our country.

Believe me, if you think the government will make your life easier, forget that. You need to use common sense. Enjoy the good times and work your way through the bad times. It’s called life.

The more government is involved in your life, the worse it will be. It’s time for some people to grow up and act like adults.

Bill Munro

Manor Township