Almost daily, some writer complains about President Donald Trump’s lies.

When watching the Democrats’ debate on July 31, I concluded that the Democrats have adopted the same strategy.

Several candidates complained that the president’s team is housing juveniles in cages. They obviously chose not to mention that said cages were constructed during former President Barack Obama’s administration and used by the Obama team.

Later they complained frequently about the Trump team’s action of separating children from their parents who come here illegally and are incarcerated. They failed to mention that said action resulted from the decision of a federal court, back in 1997, that said children could be housed with their parents for a maximum of 20 days. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions was still part of the team, the president directed him to request that a federal judge remove the 20-day maximum. In July 2018, the judge refused to do so.

Meanwhile, several key Democratic committee chairs in the House refuse to recognize that the Mueller report has been completed and that the president is guilty of neither collusion with Russia nor obstruction of justice. They continue the “witch hunt” and waste taxpayers’ money.

Recently, Fox host Mark Levin hosted former attorneys general Edwin Meese and Michael Mukasey to discuss the Mueller report. Both agreed that, based upon the data available in 2017, there never was any justification to appoint a special counsel.

It is time for Congress to deal with the nation’s problems.

Frank C. Fryburg

Manheim Township