Liberal Democratic politicians and their wealthy leftist donors are ruining our country. I believe their failed policies have caused the cities they run to have the worst crime rates, largest homeless populations and highest poverty levels. They cave to every social movement that comes along, without regard for those who might not agree with it.

Some tell their police officers to stand down while criminals destroy people’s businesses and steal their property. Some have eliminated bail and cut police funding.

In Pennsylvania, the governor says we can’t have outdoor gatherings of more than 250 people. But then there are protests involving hundreds of people — at least one of which the governor participated in. And not all of them had masks on. They are hypocrites!

Some Democrats favor more rights for immigrants who are here illegally — this should anger every citizen.

Why isn’t Black Lives Matter protesting all the Black people killed by Black people in liberal-run cities? Do their lives only matter if they are killed by a police officer?

Are media outlets reporting honestly about these cities and their failed policies? Or are they protecting Democratic politicians and blaming it all on President Donald Trump?

One more question: Why don’t the lives of the millions of babies that have been killed by abortions matter?

Dennis Summers

New Holland