This is a rebuttal to the two letters in the Feb. 2 Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline (“Property tax reform ideas,” “Property tax reform bill has problems”) that are against state proposals to eliminate school property taxes.

House Bill/Senate Bill 76 won’t tax your pensions or other retirement income. However, Senate Bill 13 will tax retirement income.

Any clothing items less than $50 won’t be taxed. Items on the “women, infants and children” list, including meat, fruits and vegetables, won’t be taxed.

Yes, more services will be taxed, but one can afford to pay those taxes from the savings of not paying the annual school property tax.

People who complain about the increase in sales tax need to realize how much money they’ll have in their pocket compared with paying the annual school property tax. For example, if your school tax bill is $3,000, you will need to purchase $42,857 of items to spend $3,000 in sales taxes at 7%.

Wealthy people buy big-ticket items. A purchaser of an $800,000 house or other large-ticket item will be paying a once and done 7% sales tax on that house and other items.

The HB/SB 76 Education Stabilization Fund would provide dollar-for-dollar funding for school districts. School districts will not lose the funding they’re now receiving.

The fund is a stable and equitable way to fund the public school system. Passing HB/SB 76 will protect homeowners from losing their homes.

Visit website for the facts on HB/SB 76, and stop the fear tactics.

Grace Strittmatter

Manheim Township