There is pain, suffering, anger and divisiveness. There is happiness, joy, prosperity, freedom and enlightened principles.

A unified America can make life better for everyone than it’s been before.

Our collective problems can be overcome.

What can you do for your country?

Perhaps give peace a chance, living sensitively among the diversity of our collective and individual values. Being so divided and in need of healing so many pains and difficulties, we recognize it can’t be done alone. We must support each other and find ways to help ourselves to be happy and whole to benefit one and all.

Give peace a chance, and wisdom and compassion might just lead the way to a better tomorrow.

Honest examination with critical thinking makes for liberating feelings of a more joyous nature. Our collective energies can inspire the best or worst future of democratic opportunities.

Core values must be known and applied actively. The people are the power. Are we being represented by lawmakers who serve us — this giant melting pot of diversity — in ways that uplift and unify us?

Can we be grateful, kind and generous in our attitudes, surrounded by endless desire and greed?

As we realize we have more than enough to be well, our cravings might just transform us to a more loving attitude. We can share this plenitude called America the beautiful. We can be the best by giving peace a chance. Sometimes it gets better than it was before.

Jay Royer

Lancaster Township