I have witnessed the effects of our broken justice system firsthand. 

Almost daily in my 12 years as a pastor in Lancaster, I received phone calls or someone at my door requesting financial aid. People in my neighborhood needed prescription medication, back rent to avoid eviction from their home, car repairs to get to work, a pair of boots for a construction job.

I offered what I had. I listened, and learned how many of our neighbors live on the edge of financial abyss. Living day to day. Paycheck to paycheck. No financial cushion or margin for error.

Often, what pushes these families over the edge is our broken justice system. People who are unable to pay a parking ticket are locked up while they await trial because they have no cash to post bail. They are put in jail for being unable to pay, but taking them away from their job only worsens the issue.

The impact on our families is devastating. Loss of a wage-earner wreaks financial havoc. Absence of parents causes trauma to children.

There are no winners in our justice system. Families are damaged, and our whole community pays the bill.

With 23 years’ experience defending the people we know, Hobie Crystle, candidate for Lancaster County district attorney, knows the problems of our justice system and knows how to fix them. His priority is the health and safety of this community.

We need to elect someone who will make a change. We need Hobie Crystle for DA.

The Rev. John W. Morris