Letters to the editor

Are the Lancaster County commissioners doing an Abbott & Costello routine?

 It's not really funny. Here’s what I believe the Republican county commissioners are saying:

 “Well, looks like we need to do something, but not really anything that would cause controversy. But something that looks important.Oh, I know, let’s create a volunteer commission! We already have many, so adding one more for public health will be an action! Let's create an advisory health board that will not operate independently, but will only operate when asked. We will never ask them for any input. Problem solved.”

 More smoke and mirrors! More pretending! Local Republican officials, in my view, have been slow to respond to COVID-19. The variants are spreading and, without sufficient vaccination rates in Lancaster County, the virus will not be eradicated. It will keep spreading.

 An effective Lancaster County health department would be independent, free from politicians’ control. The key word here is control, which seems to be the problem. Spending money is also what the commissioners seemingly object to. What are they saving the money for? Viruses do not recognize political borders.

 It's just ridiculous that they do not seem to really care about the public or public health. Surely, we, the citizens of Lancaster County, and the health professionals who have been providing care for all through this pandemic are exhausted.

 We deserve so much better.

 Mimi Shapiro


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