Letters to the editor

I’ve read a lot of articles and commentary pieces over the last year on COVID-19 and other sensational subjects the media love to peddle.

The op-ed by Dr. Leon Kraybill in the April 25 Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline (“Loving thy neighbor and thyself means getting vaccinated”) was, in my view, the most heretical and sacrilegious thing thus far.

I believe Kraybill needs to brush up on his hermeneutics and exegesis. Not only do I have to sit and read through the severe lack of theology or proper biblical understanding, but then I have to contend with a doctor who seems to be pretending to be a pastor!

In my view, Kraybill has twisted and contorted the words of Scripture to fit a medical narrative — one that exemplifies fear and compliance.

Let us not forget the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with everything. And, as a being made in his image, I will not participate in this evil rooted in abortion.

I believe it would do Kraybill well to have some serious discussion with the faith community about what I see as the gross misuse of Scripture to manipulate and control through fear.

Perhaps he should question whether his faith is actually biblical if he’s peddling more fear to every scared lukewarm Christian who’s scared of a disease with an extremely high survival rate. Go make disciples, not cowards.

Nathanael Gonzalez

Pen Argyl

Northhampton County

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