As a senior citizen, I oppose the unofficial move of Lancaster County from the “red” to “yellow” phase of reopening May 15. The action taken by the two Republican county commissioners, and acceded to by other Republican elected officials, was, in my view, a blatantly political, partisan action meant to convince voters of their support for businesses and to defy a Democratic governor.

There was too little collaboration with the medical profession, the business community or Democrats, and no advance notice to the public. The agreements approved at the commissioners’ meeting after their “opening day” —\!q for testing and contact tracing, additional personal protective equipment, and funding for alterations necessary for businesses to be safe to enter — should have been in operation and effective before the county reopened.

The response by the commissioners that no other county designated “yellow” has those actions in place confirms that the decision was purely political and not in pursuit of safety for the people of Lancaster county.

Edward Burnap

West Lampeter Township