It is apparent to anyone who watches TV evening news that there is, as the Sanders campaign alleges, a “Bernie blackout” by the corporate media and their local affiliates, among them WGAL. While Sanders is mentioned in passing, there are vastly more stand-alone network reports on the Trump and Clinton campaigns than on his news conferences or his rallies, which have drawn tens of thousands of people and whose grassroots, small-donor contributions have raised many millions of dollars.

Every time Donald Trump says something outrageous or Hillary Clinton tweets or utters a sound-bite policy statement it is “news,” while Sanders’ substantive, issues-oriented campaign is largely ignored or given short shrift.

The recent Tyndall Report documents that, in 2015 through Nov. 30, Trump got 234 minutes on network evening news while Sanders got a combined total of 10 minutes from CBS, NBC and ABC, even though Sanders’ primary poll numbers show the same level of voter support as Trump’s, and polls matching the two in the general election have Sanders winning. Clearly, the major networks, including CNN and PBS, are about as “fair and balanced” as Fox News. Media bias against Sanders confirms his claim that billionaires and corporations control our politics and government.

Clinton is the candidate of choice for corporate media, who are doing their best to silence Sanders. However, his message resonates with voters disaffected with establishment politics, making him a greater threat to a Republican candidate than Clinton, who is mistrusted by many independents and Democrats.

Terry Zeller

Mount Joy