The school funding solution is simple, but implementation is hard. Pennsylvania should have but 69 school districts (not 500), one for each of the 67 counties plus one each for Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

It is folly for this state to have the redundancies of personnel, not to mention the inequities brought about with the current 500 school districts. Lancaster County has a perfect example of this in Columbia Borough School District. A student enrolled there cannot possibly have the educational support and academic opportunities as a student in either Penn Manor or Hempfield school districts. The funding base is just not there.

The fact the state has Intermediate Unit organizations is an admission to the above truth.

Legislators do not have the backbone to do what needs to be done in consolidating school districts and migrating funding from property taxes to income and/or sales tax. I have heard this talked about since first moving to Lancaster in 1969.

I worked at Armstrong for many years, and we had a saying that went sort of like this: “We are great at running to the end of the diving board but we are afraid to jump,” meaning we all know what has to be done, we are just afraid to execute.

Harrisburg, I implore you — just do it!

Chip Burgess

Manheim Township