Letters to the editor

With the war in Afghanistan declared over, we can now focus on a few of our national concerns.

The new strains of the virus that causes COVID-19, large numbers of crossings at our southern border and severe storms and wildfires are only a few that require immediate attention.

With Congress constantly at odds, what will happen if new and unforeseen national emergencies arise? Issues could include more deadly viruses, availability of clean water, energy distribution, shortages of manufacturing components, oil and gas production or a serious disruption in public transportation.

We are presently experiencing partial effects of the concerns stated above. We will need a coordinated effort by our executive and legislative branches to resolve each on a prioritized basis.

The future seems uncertain now, but with our national history of overcoming crises, I believe we can and will find a path for solutions to resolve these serious issues.

Bob Sweeney

Warwick, Rhode Island

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