Letters to the editor

I don’t have enough space for the letter I sent to my local legislator, state Rep. David Zimmerman, about his rationale for investigating the 2020 election and his questioning of why people are afraid of doing so.

It is not the issue of an investigation, but the fact that the investigation is based on a lie that culminated in the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

I did agree with Zimmerman that things in this nation are not right. Many of the issues he cited are the effects of our world being turned upside-down because of the virus, which shows the inadequacies of many of our institutions.

Zimmerman’s statement that critical race theory is being taught to our children has a real problem with the truth. As an educator for 39 years in a K-12 environment (I have taught civics and history), there was never once any teaching of critical race theory. No one ever heard of it until it was raised by right-leaning media to misdirect people from the real critical issues facing us.

Zimmerman stated that people want their power back — really! They never had it, because those who have the money are the ones who have the power.

I ended my letter to Zimmerman by asking whether he would be willing to support term limits for legislators at all levels. Doing so would truly give back some power to the people, which would be a good structural change to break the cycle of money and do away with the “political class.”

Wonder what his answer will be?

John Gould

New Holland

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