Mark Kelley’s op-ed (“Who were those guys on Elizabethtown roofs?”) in the June 13 LNP | LancasterOnline is, in my view, an example of what is wrong with opinion writing in today’s news media. He personifies and teaches the far-left liberal techniques on how not to provide a fair and balanced piece — and to plant the seeds of hatred if you don’t agree with his positions.

He has plenty to say about Carlisle Light Infantry, the Domestic Terrorism Response Organization and the president’s failure to address police brutality.

If Kelley, a retired journalist and journalism professor, had been fair, he would have explained to us what Black Lives Matter really is. How it started and what its true intentions are. In my view, it’s not to help the Black community realize equality, justice and a better way of life, which I believe it deserves.

Kelley would have explained why it’s OK for a group of people to take over several blocks of Seattle, Washington — essentially creating their own “country” — but it’s not OK for individuals to practice their First and Second Amendment rights of free speech and the right to bear arms.

It’s pretty hypocritical to write “a civil society cannot allow violence or the threat of violence to usurp the rule of law” when we saw instances of the burning and looting of our cities all over the country. I guess that’s different because it was for a cause he supports.

I believe journalists are just reporters who simply repeat the narrative they are told by their editors or college professors like Kelley.

Gary Stauffer