Letters to the editor

Political conservatives should be anxious that strength of the forward-looking Democratic agenda could potentially cause major Republican losses in 2022 midterms and in the 2024 elections.

It’s not surprising that Republicans would be concerned so early into the Biden administration. A recent Associated Press poll found President Joe Biden’s job approval rating at 61%. This highly positive rating is well above ratings for his predecessor at the same time in his presidency.

Overwhelmingly favorable support for Biden, in my view, reflects public bipartisanship for many of his planned initiatives. A vast majority of Americans — Democrats and Republicans alike — want their government in Washington to take strong, bold actions focused on pandemic management, vaccine distribution, economic stimulus, job creation, infrastructure rebuilding, immigration reform, voting rights, affordable health care and many other kitchen table issues.

These issues of chief concern to most Americans are also, in my view, being competently addressed by the Biden administration.

Democratic momentum — fueled by rapid vaccine distribution, quick passage of the American Rescue Plan and the launch of Biden’s massive infrastructure proposal — threatens Republican ambitions for the 2022 and 2024 elections.

Under the Biden administration, the Democratic Party potentially will win elections because it demonstrates competent leadership in meeting the needs of the country.

The Republican Party faces fading support because it seems out of touch with the American electorate. Republicans, in my view, have neither plans of their own nor a desire for bipartisanship efforts with Democrats in addressing critical issues.

Fritz Fichtner


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